Streets Ahead Preset Pack | 8 Fully Customizable Lightroom Presets

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Streets Ahead!

My preset pack will blow your mind and impress all your friends.

Your mother will finally say your photos are beautiful. You'll transcend beauty and understand the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

(results not guaranteed)

In this preset pack, You get EIGHT of my signature looks, from gritty black and white, to super golden sunblasted goodness.

Say "Sayonara!" to mucky, grey colours. I've dealt with those for you. You can shoot when it's cloudy now too! Aren't I helpful.

Editing photos is all about taste - luckily I am the most stylish photographer this side of the Atlantic [Citation Needed].

I didn't make this preset pack to sell: I made it for me to edit with! It's just so damn good that it would be wrong not to share. I've already had one lens die on me this year, I can't afford any more bad karma.

You Get:

Brixton: A gritty, mean monochrome look, but he's really nice once you get to know him

Dunedin: Warm, vibrant, the colours punch you in the face then apologize

Ealing: Soft and cool, just like a photographic Labrador

Night Tube: Fluorescent lights make things tricky (for those who don't have this preset)

Oxford Street: Clean and classic black and white, like a good newspaper, or that flag they wave at the end of a grand prix

Small Sun Moment: I dislike grey. This preset does away with it. Pastel-ly goodness.

Big Sun Moment: Like Small Sun Moment but with more punch, contrast, and twice as many vibes and tones. Use with extreme caution.

Sunbather: For when you need to absolutely waterboard your photo with gooey golden light

ALL YOURS for only however much the current price is. Would be silly not to, really.

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8 Stunning Presets, Made By Yours Truly <3

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Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic
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Streets Ahead Preset Pack | 8 Fully Customizable Lightroom Presets

1 rating
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